Who We Are

States for the Future: A Data to Policy Network is a collaboration of organizations and states pursuing a new approach to solving the significant and systemic challenges that individual states – and the nation as a whole – face now and into the future. 

By leveraging the collective expertise and diversity of participating states, we aim to collaboratively develop solutions that can yield transformative impacts at both the state and national levels. 

Recognizing that states serve as laboratories of democracy, we firmly believe that our united efforts within this Network can act as force multipliers, leading to meaningful and positive changes in our individual states and broader national outcomes.

Our Vision

The Network believes that by using quality data and research to inform policy, our individual states can develop solutions that lead to better outcomes for our residents, and ultimately our nation as a whole. By collaborating across our states and organizations, we aim to learn from one another, build on each other’s work, and drive greater demand for evidence-based policymaking. Together, we leverage the power of data and research in policy making to create sustainable futures.

Our Mission

The Network supports the work of member organizations by creating opportunities for learning, collaboration, and resource sharing that advance their state-specific data, research, and policy development efforts.

Our Shared Values

  • We know that good policy is grounded in quality data and research, not ideology.
  • We see the necessity of making data actionable and using it to drive toward real-world solutions.
  • We believe that states should be guided by long-term strategic plans to address the many challenges they face.
  • We value the role of tracking and understanding equity gaps in developing meaningful solutions.
  • We recognize that there are multiple approaches to developing solutions. The diversity of our organizations and states is a strength that can be leveraged to achieve shared goals.
  • We are committed to collaborating and sharing best practices so we can build capacity within our individual organizations and drive innovative policy-making.